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Archaeological Cemetery Delineation

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In advance of planned development, Rivanna Archaeology was engaged to accurately determine the boundaries of a small family cemetery. The Brown/Carr cemetery is a small burial ground used by two Albemarle County families through much of the 20th century. The cemetery lacked a formal boundary fence, or any other clear indication of its original extent. Documentary and oral research conducted by our staff indicated that the cemetery was probably established after the Carr family purchased the property in 1910.

Fieldwork involved clearing the cemetery area of leaf litter followed by mapping and documenting of surface features. Many of the 30 identifiable burials lacked formal markers and were only defined by shallow depressions. A small mechanical excavator was then used to strip topsoil around the perimeter of the mapped burials to expose any grave shafts not previously identified. At the conclusion of field investigations the area containing known and suspected burials was re-landscaped and fenced. Archaeological delineation of the Brown/Carr cemetery allowed the property to be accurately documented for the first time, protecting it from future encroachments.